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lawn care articles home & patio articles gardening articles
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lawn care articles home & patio articles gardening articles
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A flower sitting with a group of dark rocks, bamboo, grass and the LawnZenGarden logo. A flower sitting with a group of dark rocks, bamboo, grass and the LawnZenGarden logo.

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by Carole Schwalm An assembled miniature desktop zen garden against a white background.

Feng shui & Your Desk & the Zen garden

The idea is to enhance your desktop garden space so that summons good ch’i that can inspire and stimulate prosperity as it lifts your spirits. People often achieve quick results when they enhance in the right way.

Picture of large, intricately designed zen garden. While many of the Zen garden containers are painted black, using red stimulates even more ch’i. This is the color to use if you want to cultivate positive connections or when you hope to gain more recognition (think of this if your company has long taken your talents for granted or you are seeking a new job, perhaps for that very reason).

The sand inside the container symbolizes water. Water draws in money and this is why you see rake designs suggesting waves. Think of the sand and the rake relevant to a blank slate and concentrate on a pattern. Think of a round design if your garden is square. And, think square if your garden is round. The design should curve toward you, in your place at your desk.

Many gardens contain polished stones, but traditional Japanese gardens contain those that are neither cut, quarried nor polished. With rocks, they should be in groups of three, with one larger and two smaller on each side.

Picture of decorative polished pebbles. The use of a protective dragon in your feng shui desk garden is the spirit of both goodness and strength. A green dragon facing east accents upward mobility.

A dragon fortifies when in the east direction. Consider a blue dragon if you are seeking a promotion. Your dragon should look somewhat friendly, and not be in the fire-breathing family.

Using red turtles in the direction of south not only accents longevity, but brightness and strength in the light of fame and recognition. In the north, you reap rewards and promotion with the turtle. Turtles are especially fortunate in sand, which represents water and a natural habitat.

Picture of far off mountains through a patch of evergreen trees A metal tree in either white or gold enhances happiness when in the west or facing that direction. The northwest direction heightens energy and perseverance. It accents helpful people and mentors. Flowers in the southeast direction bring good ch’i for wealth and prosperity. Crystals on a metal tree in the southeast corner of the Zen garden are potent for fortune. Metal shouldn’t be focused in the east sector, where it disintegrates strength.

The phoenix bird enhances fame and luck when in the south direction. If seeking love and happiness, combine the phoenix with the dragon and it should be in the southeast direction.

Your Zen garden should inspire you to pause, to contemplate and clear your mind. You should have a reason for putting each item in its place, keeping in mind that less is more. Ponder what you may feel are areas of life you want to accentuate -- and even subtle changes show that you’ve made a difference.

Share your Miniature Zen Garden experience or if you'd like more information.