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lawn care articles home & patio articles gardening articles
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lawn care articles home & patio articles gardening articles
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A flower sitting with a group of dark rocks, bamboo, grass and the LawnZenGarden logo. A flower sitting with a group of dark rocks, bamboo, grass and the LawnZenGarden logo.

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by Carole Schwalm An outdoor photograph of a strand of bamboo plants.

“Bamboo is one of the most mysterious plants in the world - but not because it is difficult to grow. Its mysteries lie in its ability to thrive and delight and evoke emotion. A symbol of longevity, wisdom, strength and flexibility throughout cultures around the world, bamboo has a human connection few other plants can rival.”

A close up photograph of some indoor bamboo. There are over 1200 known forms of bamboo growing in climates from tropical to above the timberline in the Himalayas.

Bamboo makes a nice container house plant and an awesome focal point if you add up-lighting and the plant is reflected on a wall.

The plant grows very fast: according to “The Book of Bamboo” plants have been known to grow 47 inches in one 24 hour period. If you still have nightmares about sci fi movies of plants taking over the earth or the “Little Shop of Horrors” flashbacks, you can bonsai prune the plant to keep growth confined, btw.

An outdoor photograph of a large growth of bamboo. Bamboo likes full Sun, lots of water and well-drained soil, because the plant doesn’t like ‘wet feet.’ Overly wet soil eliminates the oxygen causing the roots to rot and eventually killing the plant. Place the container on a saucer of pebbles with a bit of water and this adds the humidity the plant likes.

A Note: Lucky bamboo: is not really a bamboo, it is a dracaena and you can follow directions for that type of plant

Share your bamboo growing experience or if you'd like more information.