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lawn care articles home & patio articles gardening articles
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lawn care articles home & patio articles gardening articles
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by Carole Schwalm A picture of a very organized kitchen with decorative flowers, a bowl of fruit and a large light overhead.

Luck for the New Year

“If you want change in your life, move 27 things in your house.” (Ancient Wisdom)

Wealth means many things. It is the treasure that is love and peace. It is also the abundance of harmony. Place ‘wood’ in the east direction and add the color green. The cure might be a large plant (large plants represent more beneficial ch’i). This is an area for a bonsai tree, in a blue or dish. You can also hang a landscape painting.

Is your life filled with confusion? Look around. Is your house filled with clutter? Cleaning and clearing changes the energy. Of course keep things associated with happy memories. Give away, recycle or throw away those things that relate to unhappiness. Once done, light a candle, burn incense or a sage stick when you’ve de-cluttered.

How is your career going? Are you happy? The north wall is an area of business success. Water is the cure, for example, a fountain or a picture of one. You can hang a mirror. Accent the area with colors like black, midnight blue or dark tones.

Picture of fish swimming in a fish bowl. Financially, water and fish are Feng Shui cures. The stove is a key area. keep it clean, use all burners regularly. Put a mirror (one you keep clean, behind the burners. The bathroom, money (water) escapes or is flushed out of the house. Cover sink and bathtub drains. Gentlemen, keep toilet lid closed when not in use. The south wall is not the direction to cure with water: it tosses ‘cold water’ on wealth.

Are you missing cooperation on all fronts? You may have metal (in the form of candlesticks or figurines) in the eastern direction of a room or office. Move them to the western sector. Clear up clutter. If you can, relocate your desk to the southeast sector, face east to stimulate creativity, growth and prosperity.

Picture of two candles burning against a black background. For general good luck in 2013, first take a walk outside and look at your front door. Is the paint peeling? Does it just need soap and water? Does the porch light work or could simply use a new light bulb? Is there a retaining wall directly across from your front door? Here, hang wind chimes or suspend a crystal. Either of the latter attracts good ch’I, and especially helpful if you are away from home most of the day.

Got domestic problems? The southwest relates to marriage and partnerships. The color pink, in bedding or as an accent ignites romantic energy. Family squabbles? Put a wind chime in a long hallway to reduce disharmony when everybody’s bedroom door faces the hall.

Want to move to a larger home in 2013? Take a nice vacation? Activate the southeast corner. Four is like magic – and water is fortunate financially: four fish. Incorporate purple with purple flowers, for example a picture with four lovely purple irises or crocuses.

Picture of wind chimes Intestinal or reproductive system problems? Is the bathroom at the end of a long hallway? Hang a curtain, wind chime or mobile in the hallway to circulate positive chi.

Mirrors are an ancient Feng Shui cure. They should be large enough to reflect pleasant images, including what you wish to have more of in the future. Keep them clean.

Clear-faceted crystals are another cure. They activate healing energy and good luck. They do not have to be large, The size of a large grape works just as well.

Elephants increase luck when placed opposite a door. They increase fertility in the bedroom.

Share your indoor experience or if you'd like more information.